best AI Newsletters to Follow in 2023

Eleodor Sotropa

Why it matters: You want reliable, insightful, and diverse AI content, rooted on experience.

The big picture: Navigating the crowded space of AI newsletters to find ones that truly resonate with your interests and professional needs can be daunting.

The range of available content is vast, from newsletters that focus on the latest AI research breakthroughs to those that analyze AI’s impact on business, address ethical considerations, or cater to AI novices seeking to learn the basics.

AI Newsletters, by the Numbers:

  • 300,000+ readers: AI Tool report newsletter subscribers.
  • Over 125,000: The Neuron Newsletter readership.
  • 100,000+: Yellowbrick newsletter’s audience.
  • Millions: Morning Brew’s daily readership.
  • 2+ million: 1440 News’s daily readership.

More details: Each AI newsletter brings something unique to the table.

The AI Tool report newsletter, with a massive readership, offers daily AI learning in digestible five-minute segments, making it a top pick for busy professionals.

Thia’s Tuesday GenAI Newsletter is focused on practical examples of Generative AI in Manufacturing, R&D, Brand, and Shared Services.

The Neuron Newsletter bridges the gap between AI technology and practical use, ensuring its place as a daily necessity for over 125,000 readers.

Go deeper or Sign-Up:

  1. Deep Learning AI’s “The Batch” by Andrew NG
  2. “Import AI” by Jack Clark
  3. Thia’s Tuesday GenAI Newsletter
  4. Last week in AI

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